Learn guitar in spanish

¡HOLA! Do you want to learn to play guitar? Do you want to practice your Spanish with a native speaker?. Practicing a language while doing an activity you like will double your motivation. In order to be master something, you must have its maximum exposure. I believe the more exposure you have of something you want to harness the better understanding and practice you have of it.

In my lessons, you will LEARN to play guitar and PRACTICE Spanish regardless of your level.

Throughout all these years I have developed the best methodology of all: EXPERIENCE. So in less than a minute I can analyze your shortcomings, your frustrations and your skills as a guitarist, and start working on them with you to get the best out of you.

In addition all classes will be completely in Spanish, no matter if your level is A1 or C2. In class we will talk about music, music theory, your favorite guitarists, Spanish music culture and many other interesting things while you practice your Spanish with me.


Learn guitar in Spanish lessons are ONLINE. I usually use Zoom to connect with my students, but we can use any video conference platform you like.

All classes include all the materials you need to move forward. I will provide you the tabs and documents for each class, but what is most successful among my students are VIDEOS. At the end of each class, I will record your weekly exercise or proposal on video. My students cannot live without them;)


These are my fees. You can easily pay with Paypal. If you need extra information about these lessons before check out, I´m offering a 30 min free trial lesson. Please, feel free to contact me.


Nothing special, you just need to have your guitar (electric, acoustic or classical) at hand, a mobile device to connect and nothing else.

And you know, if you have any questions about my lessons, feel free to contact me


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