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Guitar Techniques Magazine -Microscopic review

Razl is a spanish fusionista with keen chops and an equally keen sense of groove. He still executes quick licks with the requisite clarity and precision when appropriate, but his attack and dynamics are atypically nuanced, and the ability to sound notes simultaneously lends a keyboard-like feel to much of his rhythm work. He also opts for relatively clean solo tones on most of the tunes, which further distinguishes him from the fusion pack.This is the sort of “fusion” record that you can play at parties or while driving down the coast without it ever becoming overbearing. Great grooves, upbeat melodies, and tasteful solos—everything a smooth jazz album should be, without the smooth jazz!

BARRY CLEVELAND (Guitar Player magazine)

Razl’s second album, Microscopic, is a real step forward from his impressive debut, Rotonova. His style hasn’t changed radically (although this time out it’s a “highly addictive guitar-and-beyond ridden groove-a-thon”), but Microscopic is not only stripped down instrumentally (basically a power trio album), but Razl’s tunes are both tighter and more focused and he seems to be developing a stronger individual voice as a composer. Also, the band is the same on all tracks this time out, giving the players a chance to really get into Razl’s style. Pepe Acebal is wisely in the drum chair once again, but this time out monster bassist Bryan Beller is on board for the whole album and really adds some oomph to the tunes. Razl himself is quite impressive on guitar and uses effects more prominently on this album. There’s a bit of trumpet on a couple tracks but this one is a guitar album all the way. Really well done.


 Highly infectious guitar-and-beyond ridden groove-a-thon!

MR.G (www.greenarrowradio.com)

I’ve been embarking on a bit of a jazz discovery kick lately, so it’s perfect that I discover Razl, or Raúl Huelves, at this point in my musical journey. We were originally put in touch by Bryan Beller after I interviewed him, and Razl sent me his amazing CD, Rotonova, to check out. The music is funky, varied, passionate, always interesting, and is packed with emotion and groove. The cover art is also awesome (who doesn’t love robots?), winning the immediate approval of my 2-year-old, which is always a good sign cos he has impeccable taste.

PETER HODGSON (Iheartguitar)

Spanish guitarist Razl  is a real find. Almost as entertaining as his music are the album’s liner notes and song titles. Razl appears to be a very talented artist who takes music quite seriously but doesn’t necessarily take himself that way. He’s got the attitude, composing skills, chops and imagination to put together the right players for a very engaging outing.

WALTER KOLOSKY (www.jazz.com)

This is Fusion with a capital F, proving that there’s no shame in revisiting the past when the results are this good.

MARK SALESKI (www.jazz.com)

Razl  can seriously do the blues, the bop with a great rhythm feeling, exquisite in the interludes, self-demanding, cares for the sound and works the harmonies and expresses with fluent phrasing and accurate. A very pleasant surprise.  A record that deserves to be in a good music catalogue of high quality guitar material. 


This guy is incredible, if you don’t ask he could be one of the enlightened players that have passed through Berkeley. Rotonova is an splendid work, with Razl accompanied with incredible musicians. Jazz rock and progressive rock lovers like us think this is and extraordinary work. 

DISCÓPOLIS (Radio 3) – Jose Miguel López

Razl is a an extraordinary guitarist of those who suddenly emerge, covering influences from blues, jazz and rock because of their virtuosity. Word are of no use… his swing is incredible.

iJAZZ CAT Radio – Max Sunyer  

Its one of the greatest surprises of the last weeks in Spain, specially because it is all groove

AHORA JAZZ Radio – Javier del Barco