Razl-Guitar Player & Composer


  • Released: 2008
  • Label: Martian Sheep Records
  • Produced by: Razl

Rotonova is my debut album. Intergalactic grooves dangerously addictive, creative guitar melodies based on saturated hammonds and zappian environments designed for earthling weirdos.

I have had collaborations from: Dean Brown (Marcus Miller, Brecker Brothers, Bill Evans), Mike Keneally (Frank Zappa, Steve Vai,), Bryan Beller (Steve Vai, Mike Keneally Band), Damian Erskine (Gino Vanelli, Peter Erskine new trio) and Charlie Dennard (Cirque du Soleil) among others.

The recording took place in Headroom studios in Madrid, property of Lorenzo Matellán a vintage gear guru and sonic environments genius. Mixing was done in Aurha studios in Barcelona by Mauricio Tonelli, no doubt one of the best sound engineers that you can find around. The mastering was don by the prestigious engineer Michael Fossenkemper of Turtletone Studios, New York (Medeski, Martin & Wood, John Scofield).

All the robots in the album have been created by the artist Gordon Bennet from Brooklyn. A guy that makes wonderful things with pieces of fans, radios and parts of old appliances. Finally the concept art of the record has been done by Juanjez, a certainly intricate mind and strange graphic designer.

Rotonova is not a record of shredders, none of my fingers was harmed in the making of it, but the melodies have been meditated with great evil, since they have an extreme neural penetration capacity.

The main idea was to create a small ordered chaos, based on paranoid improvisation in perfect equilibrium. All this makes Rotonova a surprising mix in which each song is a new sound universe modelled by each one of the great musicians that have collaborated in it.