Razl-Guitar Player & Composer


  • Released: 2011
  • Label: Martian Sheep Records
  • Produced by: Razl

Guitar player Razl comes back with a new work full of surprises. A psychedelic journey to a microscopic world that doesn’t exist. Razl radicalizes his flawed musical conception, mixing rough prog with dusty grooves, and aliens with circus freaks. Any element has a way into Razl’s damaged mind, although nothing is random. After a not recommended meditation phase, Razl ends up getting a hand on improvisation as the guideline for his music… from his particular point of view though.

In this occasion, Razl is accompanied by bass player Bryan Beller (Steve Vai, Mike Keneally Band, Metalocalypse) whose saturated music lines puzzles a confused audience, and drummer Pepe Acebal, whose determination to rebuild rhythmical bases and take them to a next level turns into an unusual rhythmical mass.

Besides, Razl has had two exceptional guests: guitar player Will Bernard (Stanton Moore trio) in the track Locksmith St. and trumpeter Rubén Salvador in Galactic Alignment and in The bearded woman meets Fedor the giant.

Microscopic is based on the concept of power trio, with whom Razl usually plays live concerts, although taken into a studio and orchestrated with multiple textures and timbres.

His distinctive finger-picking style gives his sound more force and dirtiness, which goes with his will of getting away of any established cliché. The influence of progressive rock from the 70’ and vanguards jazz rock are filtered and reflected upon with the intention of making them sound like blues, psychedelic and funk.

In the recording process Razl has carefully chosen sounds and surrounded himself by an infinite number of vintage and boutique pedals:  ring modulators, phasers and fuzzes to generate different textures, resonators and acoustic guitars played through amplifiers in order to give them an old fashion touch. Also solid and semihollow electric guitars to define the different layers of the guitar orchestration. Any devise that can be put on the strings and amplified catches Razl’s attention and will be part of this collection.

The mix is done by Lorenzo Matellán, a crazy scientist capable of breaking a glass with his whistle. Other than that, professor Matellán runs a music studio, Headroom Estudio.